Using Email and Text Messages to Properly Sell Patients

Build trust first, then ask for the sale

The main job of your marketing is to establish a trusted relationship before you ask patients to buy because patients want to do business with people they know, like, and trust.  

Let’s say you use a Facebook ad and send someone directly to a website or sales page asking them to buy. They might not have heard of you. The sales page and your offer is great, but, are they likely to buy? Most likely they won’t.  Why?  Because there’s no real connection there yet.  That patient is cold and has not interacted with your practice yet.

Now, instead, imagine using that Facebook ad to give someone a free consultation so they’ll join your list so you can start building a relationship with them by email and text messages. Then, you send an email/text stirring up a problem they have. You send another, offering them part of the solution. Then, you send them the solution to their problem. After the third contact, they’re now excited and decide they’re interested in buying your solutions that can address their beauty concerns.

You’ve educated them and built a relationship with them over multiple educational and relational communications that they’re now ready to buy.  Offer patients amazing education and something for free to build up their trust first.  It’s this relationship and connection that will get them to trust you and buy from you and refer friends.

Use this selling format

The next time you sell via email and text message, consider using this give value first, then ask for the sale format first as opposed to just always trying to sell patients something outright.

The first email can stir up the patient’s emotions and hit on their beauty concerns by making them feel the pain and pressure of their concern, so they’ll want to remove it by working with you.  By getting this in their minds, they’ll be subconsciously thinking about it until the next time you contact them and ask them to buy.

The second email can restate that pain and emotional need again. This time, hint at the solution.

The third email can present the solution on a silver platter with an easy call to action to buy.

Get patients excited about what you have to offer ahead of time by using email newsletters and text messages to build a relationship first, then ask them to buy. You’ll dramatically improve your sales and at the same time, you’ll build more “know, like, and trust” with your patients.

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