Welcome to the Simple Repeat Patient Onboarding Checklist

We’ll only need short meetings to get you fully onboarded to be up and running with Repeat Patient.

Meeting 1:  This first less than 1hr meeting will enable us to get to know your practice, get the content for your first email campaign, and your account set-up tools and automated campaigns so we can set-up your account.

Meeting 2:  The second meeting will be to plan out and automate 12 months of promotional campaigns (i.e.) Holiday and/or Flash Sale emails and text message campaigns.  The process is easy, highly valuable, and dare we say…FUN!

Let’s Start Onboarding!

Patient Contact List

Get your patient list in Excel spreadsheet format (If we don’t have it already)

Practice Overview 

Have a chat about your business, your patients, treatments, and your goals, etc


Get your branding info like your logo, colors, etc

Your First Email Campaign

2 options:



“Something Amazing is Coming Your Way” Welcome Email (Recommended)

Click here to see the full email template example

Or a Flash Sale Email Campaign

Click here to see the full email template example


Content needed to customize your first email campaign:

  1. What’s your email list name?  (i.e.) Fountain of Youth Club or Beauty Club, etc.
  2. What’s your irresistible welcome email offer and short offer expiration date? (if applicable)
  3. Need a short paragraph with a personal welcome message from you.  (if applicable)
  4. Need an image of the owner, staff, or building.  (if applicable)


Text Message Campaign Template Example

It’s Angie’s Spa. Huge HydraFacial sale, only $175. Only 11 left.
Ends Soon. Call to book: 555-278-2321 Opt-Out: Reply Stop

Text Message Campaign Guidelines:  To ensure maximum deliverability and response rates, we will create your text message campaigns to follow this best practices format as suggested by the phone carriers to ensure your text messages are not filtered as spam.

1. We will get a business texting number with the same area code as your main practice phone number from the carriers to send your texts with.

2.  Keep the text message length under 160 characters.

3.  Promote just one offer. 

4.  Don’t include any links. 

5.  Drive patients to call your number to respond.  Phone calls perform 3x better than online booking links. 

6.  Don’t include any images. 

7.  Patients cannot call or text back on this business text number, rather they will call your main booking phone number in the text message to book the offer. 

Following these text message guidelines, we’ve seen, is the best approach to give you the best response results from your text message campaigns.



Account Set-up Tools & Automated Campaigns


Online Patient List Sign-up Form

Click here to see the full email sign-up form example

Printable Patient List Sign-up Flyer QR Code

The content needed to customize patient email sign-up tools:

  1. What’s your email list name? (Fountain of Youth Club or Beauty Club, etc?)
  2. Offer the $50 enter-to-win giveaway to join the list, or use another offer.
  3. Will you be doing the Happy Birthday Email campaign?
  4. Once these tools are customized for you, we’ll email them to you for implementation.


Automated Email List Sign-up Welcome Email 

(See the Something Amazing is Coming Your Way” welcome email template above)


Automated Patient Birthday Email Campaigns

Click here to see the full email template example




The content needed to customize the Happy Birthday email campaign:

  1. Will you be doing the Happy Birthday email campaign?
  2. What’s your irresistible Birthday offer and expiration date?  We recommend a 7-day expiration date.
  3. This campaign is emailed automatically on your patient’s birthday.


Automated Patient Referral Rewards App Program

Click here to see an example of the finished referral rewards app page




The content needed to customize your Referral Rewards Program:

  1. What is your referral rewards gift?  A best practice gift offer is:  “Refer friends and family, and you’ll both get a free $50 or $100 gift card to use on your next visit.”
  2. Edit the terms and conditions text (if applicable)
  3. Once this page is customized for you, we’ll link it to all your email campaigns.  You can also link it to your website, social media, or anywhere else online.


Adira Social Free Unlimited Social Media Content 

Adira Social has hundreds of done-for-you, ready-to-post social media content that your patients will love!
Simply log in, find the content you like, and publish it instantly to your social media pages at any time.

Click here to create your free unlimited content Adira Social account in 1 minute and start posting amazing content instantly


Meeting 2:  Our second 12-month automated campaign calendar meeting call will cover:
  1. Planning out and automating 6-12 months of promotional campaigns (i.e.) Holiday and/or Flash Sale emails and text message campaigns.  The process is pretty easy and highly valuable and dare we say…FUN!
  2. We’ll get 1-3 of your best offers and offer expiration dates and then create your emails and text campaigns all in advance by following our proven success system and best practices.
  3. You’ll be able to review and approve the emails and text campaigns for each month.  Once you approve them, we’ll schedule them to be sent out at the perfect times each month so you get the best response!
  4. After your 12 months of promotional emails and text campaigns are automated, then once a month, we’ll connect with you to get content for your email newsletter so we can create and send this out for you if and when you want to send one for that month. 


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