How to Build Your Medical Aesthetic Practice’s Brand

Questions to ask yourself about your brand

What is your brand? 

What does it stand for? 

When people think of your brand, what do you want them to think of and feel?

Does your brand image and communications truly represent what you stand for in the marketplace? 

Is your marketing content delivering the proper feelings and messages you want the marketplace to understand about you?

What does your brand mean to you, and what do you believe it means to your patients?

How your practice is different?

Your brand solidifies what your business is all about. When patients think of you and your brand, they should think of all the reasons you’re different and better than the competition.  If people can consciously and subconsciously associate positive feelings with your brand, then they’ll be more likely to trust you, buy from you and tell friends and family.

These are the questions that you must ask yourself because if you don’t know what your brand is and what it stands for, then how do you expect patients to know?

Write these questions down and implement the answers into your practice.

How to get your brand out there

You can spread the news of your brand and become more of an authority in your area with your brand by having a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, as well as a great relationship with your patient email and text marketing list.

You can create a free Facebook group that patients can join to learn how you can help them solve beauty concerns.

Continue to build your email/text marketing patient list so you can strengthen relationships with your patients with monthly email newsletters and text promotions.

You can offer an amazing referral rewards program, so existing patients are handsomely rewarded to offer new patients to your practice every day.

If you focus on these things consistently, you’ll be getting your brand in the marketplace and in front of the patients that are ready to buy.

Building a successful brand takes time

Have patience as building your brand is something that happens over time.   Again, ask yourself these questions.  What is your practice, what does it stand for, what do you want patients to think of when they think of your practice, and how does your brand stand apart from others?

Brainstorm these questions, and then solidify your answers into a firm plan and implement them into your practice over time.

Deciding to build a popular brand is one of the smartest choices you can make for your practice, as doing so will help you scale up and make a bigger impact on your patients and your revenue.  Remember, from the way you communicate with your patients to your logo and graphics, the treatments you offer will fall under your brand image.  Make time today and every month to review and improve your brand so that over time you can be seen as the most trusted, go-to practice in your area.

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