How to Build Stronger Patient Relationships (Part 2)

Communicate with patients consistently

You can’t have a strong relationship with the patients on your list if you never or sporadically email and text them.  It might sound silly even to mention that, but you’d be surprised how many practices spend time, money, and effort building a patient list but then rarely communicate with patients consistently.

Patients have signed up to your list and have bought from you for a reason. They want and expect to hear from you with news and special offers, so they simply don’t forget about you! You’re actually doing them a service when you keep them posted on how you can further help them to reach their beauty goals.

Reach out to them on a consistent schedule, at the very least a couple of times each month with education, news, and special offers. By doing this, you’ll train them to expect to hear from you and they’ll keep you top of mind. Invite them to respond back with questions or to book an appointment.  Bottom line, if you’re not sending them monthly news and special offers, you’re losing their attention and thousands in lost monthly revenue, guaranteed.

Be personal and human

Don’t be afraid to share things about your life, staff, patient testimonials and success stories, and how your practice came to be. People will relate with you more and the relationship will be a lot stronger when they feel they’re dealing with real people, not just a faceless business that wants to always sell them something.

Consider sharing things about your family, your interests, your expertise, and your yes…struggles. Also, you can share what is and isn’t working and what is working in your practice.  People want to learn and connect with your practice on a more personal level.  If you take this approach, patients will look forward to opening your emails and texts, referring you to friends, and buying from you more often when that personal connection and trust is established.

Make patient’s needs the priority

Great relationships need to be two-sided. Email and text marketing isn’t just about selling, it’s about building personal relationships and trust over time.   Don’t ‘churn and burn’ your list by mistreating patients by always asking them to buy all the time, or they’ll tune you out.  You have to show you care about having a relationship with them first and foremost and make their needs a priority. Let that shine through in your email and text marketing campaigns, and you’ll be on your way to building long-lasting relationships with your patients.  They’ll thank you for doing this with their attention and money.

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If you’re not sending your patients monthly news and special offers by email and text, you’re losing their attention and thousands in lost monthly revenue, guaranteed.

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