How to Build Stronger Patient Relationships (Part 1)

Get to really know your patients

Before you can be effective with your marketing messages and offers that connect with your patients, you might need to do some deeper market research on who exactly the majority of your patients are. What are their passions and deepest needs and desires?

Figure out what you can offer that none of your competitors are offering to meet the needs of these patients. There are things that are unique about you, your knowledge, and your offerings that can really hit home with patients in a way that no other competitor can.  Make a list of what these are and act on them.

Relationships are about people, not products.  

When doing this research, pay most attention to the common topics and questions patients have. Pay attention to their emotions, wants, and needs. Plus, understand what are the common demographics of your patients? 

When you know these things, you’ll know what news and offers to entice them to join your list and what to put in your email newsletters and text promotions that will excite them to buy. 

Offer value first, then ask them to buy

It’s always important to offer huge value in your marketing and communications first before you ask patients to buy. 

It takes a lot of communication for some patients to feel confident enough so they’ll want to buy.  Consider giving away free educational content or products and services (i.e) a free consultation first to build trust.  Offer huge value that’s evident right from the start. An example of this is when a patient joins your list, they instantly get a welcome email that’s personable and friendly, stating the benefits of them staying on your list and opening your emails and text message promotions. 

With everything you do, make sure you’re providing value and education first, then making offers for them to buy.  Put patients and their needs first. Ask yourself if what you’re sending truly serves their best interest. This is critical for building relationships because the patients on your list will come to really trust you and look forward to your emails and text messages.  

Become their trusted authority

You want the patients on your list to view you as someone to really pay attention to. You can achieve this by sharing unique information on how you can help patients find solutions to their personal beauty concerns.

Also, don’t be afraid to share your personal story and your practice’s journey. That will mean a lot to patients, which will enable them to connect with you on a more personal and human level. Give them great advice, tips, education, and offers that your competitors don’t provide to them so you can stand out.

If you focus on giving first, you’ll be richly rewarded with their purchases and loyalty over time. Giving, being generous, and really caring about the success of patients is what will cement you as the trusted authority in their eyes. They’ll want to have a relationship with you because they’ll want to connect with someone who’s a trusted authority that understands and cares about their needs.

When this is done successfully, patients will become cheerleaders for you and your practice and continue to buy. 

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